Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.13.1

Get free the APK for Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.13.1 and play online with your friends…

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Community Creations: Beyond Perception (Adventure Map)

Looking for a new type of adventure map? How about a proper puzzle map? If so, Beyond Perception, by Mihro and MinecraftSpace, might be right up your alley! The concept is fairly straightforward: every map has only two colors that make it up, and you have to figure out how to get through them, one by one. There are seven levels total, and while they aren’t mind-breakingly difficult, they are quite satisfying to finish!

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MinecraftEdu: it’s a name almost as old as the Minecraft community itself. Originally created by Joel “MinecraftTeachr” Levin, MinecraftEdu has been seeing more and more classrooms across the world, over 10,000 schools in over 40 countries! Hugely in demand as an educational tool, MinecraftEduis a modified version of the core game, specifically tailored to be used as an instructional aid by teachers, and it is MASSIVELY popular with faculty and students alike. In fact, it has reached such a critical mass that Microsoft recently announced they will be picking it up, officially!

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A number of simple computers have been built inside Minecraft over the years, but this may be the first time I’ve ever seen a functioning compiler written using only in-game assets. Sethbling has – using a curious mix of command blocks and armor stands – created a working BASIC interpreter, which you can use to write actual, working programs inside Minecraft! To be fair, the programs won’t run very fast; as he explains, Minecraft only checks commands run through command blocks in a very specific interval, limiting the effective speed of this in-game engine significantly. It is nonetheless functioning, fairly easy to use, and pretty amazing besides!

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